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Product Description

The beauty of gemstones has been admired for thousands of years; with countless colours, shapes, and unique characteristics, it’s no wonder that they have been marveled since ancient times.

This gorgeous gemstone bracelet has been expertly crafted to reflect this timeless beauty; made with 2-ply waxed polyester cord that is both washable and fray resistant, with colours that don’t run, you will be able to cherish your bracelet for many moons to come. These bracelets are the perfect gifts for yourself or loved ones, either for a special celebration or just because!


This gemstone bead was part of a gemstone mix pack, and while I can safely say that it is in fact a genuine gemstone, I am unable to specify which kind. It measures 20mm by 9mm, long barrel-shaped, and is black coloured.


» Each bracelet is lovingly made to order especially for you; please allow for slight variances in colour and inclusions as these are naturally-sourced gemstones.

» While the cord used is waterproof the same cannot be (safely) said for the gemstone bead.

» Crystals and gemstones have as much or as little power as you give them. BinksyCrystals provides the tools by which healing can be facilitated, but by no means guarantees any form of healing or cure. We do not suggest using our products as a replacement to traditional and conventional medication or medical treatment (as prescribed by your doctor, a medical professional, or purchased through a pharmacy). We do not claim that our products will treat, cure, or prevent any conditions.

Black Gemstone Bracelet - Gemstone Adjustable Bracelet - New Age Crystal Jewelry