Kunzite Anxiety bracelet | Stress Relief, calming ~ Rutilated Quartz bracelet, Lepidolite Bracelet, Rose Quartz bracelet ~ Anxiety Jewellery

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1 x gemstone cord bracelet
Features Kunzite, Rutilated Quartz, Lepidolite and Rose Quartz (6mm) round beads

• KUNZITE is a pale pink crystal that is used “for emotional and mental healing” and may be helpful in calming feelings of panic or anxiety.
• LEPIDOLITE is a pink crystal that is an excellent choice to help relax and counter stressful emotions such as worry, fear and grief. The soothing energy of lepidolite may aid the wearer by calming mental and emotional imbalances. Lepidolite is also a birthstone for those born under the sign of Libra.
• RUTILATED QUARTZ is a clear crystal with strands of golden-hued rutile running through it. This type of quartz is believed to have cleansing properties, helping to heal emotional wounds from the past and soothe the dark thoughts that can crowd the mind in people who are depressed or those who struggle with phobias or anxiety.
• ROSE QUARTZ: is another pink crystal and is known as the “stone of universal love”. It is chosen for its calming properties as it may assist in releasing feelings of worry, fear and anxiety in addition to helping heal past emotional traumas. Rose Quartz may be either a birthstone for the month of January or the star sign Taurus (sources vary).

» The pictured pink Rose Quartz heart is not for sale or included in your order(s).

» Each bracelet is lovingly made to order especially for you; please allow for slight variances in colour and inclusions as these are naturally-sourced gemstones.

» Crystals and gemstones have as much or as little power as you give them. BinksyCrystals provides the tools by which healing can be facilitated, but by no means guarantees any form of healing or cure. We do not suggest using our products as a replacement to traditional and conventional medication or medical treatment (as prescribed by your doctor, a medical professional, or purchased through a pharmacy). We do not claim that our products will treat, cure, or prevent any conditions.

Kunzite Anxiety bracelet | Stress Relief, calming ~ Rutilated Quartz bracelet, Kunzite Anxiety bracelet | Stress Relief, calming ~ Rutilated Quartz bracelet,