Moonstone Rose Quartz bracelet | inner peace ~ emotional healing calmness ~ fertility bracelet Adjustable Bracelet, Jewelry For Women

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1 x gemstone cord bracelet
Features a Rose Quartz nugget and Moonstone (6mm) round beads

Moonstone traditionally prevented lunacy and calmed the soul. It regulated menstruation and menopause.
Gentle Blue Moonstone helps a “macho” man get in touch with his inner feminine qualities or an overly aggressive female to find her gentler side. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

Rose Quartz releases unexpressed emotions and underlying heartache that create psychosomatic dis-ease and which may affect fertility. Rose Quartz stabilizes emotions. It lets you look objectively at situations and keeps you from becoming emotionally overwhelmed. By dissolving guilt and bitterness, this crystal teaches you to love and accept yourself, forgive the past, and live from your heart.

» The pictured pink Rose Quartz heart is not for sale or included in your order(s).

» Each bracelet is lovingly made to order especially for you; please allow for slight variances in colour and inclusions as these are naturally-sourced gemstones.

» Crystals and gemstones have as much or as little power as you give them. BinksyCrystals provides the tools by which healing can be facilitated, but by no means guarantees any form of healing or cure. We do not suggest using our products as a replacement to traditional and conventional medication or medical treatment (as prescribed by your doctor, a medical professional, or purchased through a pharmacy). We do not claim that our products will treat, cure, or prevent any conditions.

Moonstone Rose Quartz bracelet | inner peace ~ emotional healing calmness ~ Moonstone Rose Quartz bracelet | inner peace ~ emotional healing calmness ~