Smoky Quartz bracelet | grounding ~ transmutation of negative energies ~ disperses fear, lifts depression & negativity ~ emotional calmness

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Product Description

Serenity ~ Calmness ~ Positive thoughts ~ Calms fear ~ Lifts depression ~ Stability ~ Practicality ~ Intuition ~ Pride

waxed Brazilian cord • Smoky Quartz round beads 6mm • silver-plated beads (4mm) • sliding knot closure


Our corded gemstone bracelets are a great match for people who like to keep things simple! These string bracelets are comfortable and easy to wear every day with a minimalist sliding knot closure and beautiful bead gemstones.

Order just one or pick out a few: these delicate corded bracelets are great for stacking! Choose different gems for their amazing colours or for their metaphysical properties. Each of the corded bracelet designs contains gems that are chosen for their positive energies as well as for their stunning colours.

Corded gemstone bracelets make sweet and sincere gifts for friends and family members for a "just because" type of gift or to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. It's easy to give these bracelets as a gift since they ship with lovely packaging consisting of a pretty organza gift bag inside of a shipping box.



High quality 2-ply waxed polyester cord - washable and fray resistant.
Available in 12 colours.

The bracelet opens to approximately 9 inches / 22.8 cm maximum.
If you prefer a smaller or larger size please use the Custom Order option.

» Length of bracelet may vary by +/- ¼ (1/4) inch


» Each bracelet is made to order; please allow for slight variances in colour and inclusions as these are natural gemstones.
» Gemstone/crystal healing should not be used in place of conventional medication (as prescribed by your doctor, a medical professional, or purchased through a pharmacy).

Smoky Quartz bracelet | grounding ~ transmutation of negative energies ~